3 Alternative Music Choices for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

When planning a wedding, one of the most important decisions to make is the music. Traditionally or instinctively many couples look to hire a DJ for their reception and sometimes even the ceremony. Perhaps you are that couple that wants to step outside the box and consider an affordable and more creative set of options? Having alternative music choices could make your wedding much more unique.

While DJ’s are better than hiring your cousin to run a laptop of tunes, we offer you three alternative music choices to explore that pack a bigger punch for your wedding ceremony and reception, and make your wedding remembered for years to come. 

From dueling pianos variations to wedding bands and solo/duo acoustic or even harpists, these following options will provide a unique and enchanting element to your wedding celebration.

 3 Alternative Music Choices

Solo Acoustic or Harp Players – Unmatched Elegance

Let’s talk about the ceremony. The start of the entire wedding experience for your guests and even yourself starts here. It is the truest ‘I do’ moment of the entire day. Adding a touch of elegance and beauty to this beginning is unforgettable.

Imagine walking down the aisle to the delicate strumming of an acoustic guitar or the ethereal tones of a harp. The soft, melodic sounds create a serene and romantic atmosphere, setting the perfect mood for your ceremony. 

In addition to the elegance, they offer the benefit of being able to fit into any wedding setting. Whether you’re having a small, intimate gathering or a grand, extravagant affair, these musicians can adapt to the space and create the perfect soundtrack for your day. Their ability to play without amplification allows them to blend into the background seamlessly, enhancing the atmosphere without overpowering the conversation and connection among your guests.

Solo acoustic or harpists bring an unmatched elegance to your wedding ceremony or reception. Their delicate sounds create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere, while their ability to adapt to any setting ensures a seamless integration into your event. So why not consider these alternative options to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your special day?

Dueling Pianos – A Dynamic Duet

We have wonderful DJ’s at ACME Event Co that know what they’re doing, but for those looking to boost their day up a notch, why not consider something that kicks a little harder? 

Enter “Dueling Pianos” !

Dueling Pianos, as the name suggests, involves two to three versatile pianists on two grand pianos going head to head, playing and singing every old school or new school popular song as the crowd sings along and joins in on the fun by requesting what songs to play. 

From highly interactive bits and contests involving your wedding party, the bride and groom, or your close guests, to highly energetic and rocking songs that stun the crowd in sounding just like a band. Yes, they play drums too! It’s a truly immersive experience that adds an extra level of excitement to your wedding celebration.

Dueling Pianos offer a level of versatility that a DJ alone simply can’t match. The added comedic element is one of a kind, and adds so much more joy to the evening on top of all the rocking taking place.

It’s this versatility that sets dueling pianos apart and makes it a more popular option every year for couples. 

Wedding Bands – Classic and Versatile

The main advantage of having a wedding band (party band) is the high-powered energy exchange they bring to your celebration. A live performance creates a dynamic and engaging experience for you and your guests. Anyone who’s been to a concert knows this to be true.

The energy and excitement that radiates from a live band is contagious. There’s something magical about the synergy between a band and the crowd, as they feed off each other’s energy, creating an unforgettable and electric atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for the classics or modern hits, our wedding bands can tailor their performance to suit your preferences and the mood of your guests. They can create a set-list with you that will resonate with everyone, ensuring that every guest, regardless of age or musical taste, will find something to enjoy.

The live instrumentation and skilled musicianship bring a level of refinement to the event that can’t be duplicated with a DJ alone. The band’s ability to play live instruments and create harmonious melodies adds a layer of depth and richness to the overall ambiance of your wedding. It creates a sense of class and style that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

ACME Can Provide These 3 Alternative Music Choices For Any Wedding or Event!

Dueling Pianos and wedding/party bands are fantastic upgrades that provide a classic and versatile choice for your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Thinking about Dueling Pianos, but still want the DJ? 

Thinking about a Wedding Band but still want the DJ? 

Why not have both? That’s right! We offer a FREE DJ to any Dueling Piano or Wedding Band package you choose. 

Our DJ’s will handle the cocktail party, and special song requests for the ceremony dances. After you unleash the Dueling Pianos or the Wedding Band onto your guests, our DJs finish out the night for the big finale. 

Two great affordable alternatives to consider that will add that extra level of magic and musicality to your special day that can still include the DJ.

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